Consignment Program

Select Sports Consignment Program

  • Items will be displayed to be sold for two years after receiving them in store. After two years, if the items have not sold, we reserve the right to dispose of them.  It is the consignee’s responsibility to check on items and retrieve them prior to disposal if wanted.
  • Consignees are entitled to 65% of the selling price, paid via cheque, once an item has been confirmed as sold. The selling price is set by the consignee, but we will provide recommendations as requested.
  • Consignees are responsible for checking on sale status of their items, using the claim ticket numbers provided at time of drop off. We do not call or notify when an item has sold.
  • We will no longer take in race skis or boots.
  • We will not take in items for sale from the following brands, under any circumstances: FIREFLY, TECNO, CAPIX, FIVE FORTY, RIPZONE, DECATHLON
  • We will only take in skis, ski boots, snowboards with bindings, snowboards without bindings (on approval from management), and snowboard boots. No other items will be sold on consignment.
  • We will only accept items to be sold from October 1 to March 1.